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CTNX-2014 and General Update!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 5, 2014, 11:31 PM
HEY PEEPS- Its been a minute, so I just wanted to post something up to show that I'm still alive. I've been mainly venturing around in the land of tumblr and twitter, but I'll be back to being much more active on deviantart from here on out also.

One of my first gigs as an freelance artist is about to make its App debut on the Itunes Store (And I think Google Play, I'll have to double check) Mr.Cupcake has the Sprinkles
It was a really awesome project to be a part of, and seeing it all come together is pretty kickass. Check it out if you can! Release date is looking to be around the end of July but I'll update the journal page if the release window changes.
In other awesome news- my wife :iconmarionettedolly: and I are gonna be exhibiting at CTN Animation Expo 2014 this year! We'll be selling prints and art books only available at the event. :) If your going to be at the convention, be sure to come by and say hi! We've been able to go to CTN every year for the past three years and it's always been a blast. 

Dats all for now! SO IN THE MEAN TIME,
Love, peace and chicken grease.

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MarionetteDolly Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
chicken grease, you nast!!
EdderzzLive Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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July 5, 2014